Sustainable, from the Hive to You

It's POLLI's mission to make thoughtful formulas that are both good for the earth and you. We aim to create effective and eco-friendly products through the most sustainable avenues.

Committed to Smart Beekeeping

We use clean ingredients that are essential to a product’s performance, and source from vendors that are transparent about where and how their ingredients are harvested. We utilize ingredients with purpose, backed by research and working with, not against, our land. POLLI plans to source all bee produced ingredients exclusively from our own beehives by 2025.

In the United States, we are losing colonies each year at an unprecedented rate due to less careful beekeeping methods and Colony Collapse Disorder. Through an intersection of bee health, missional resources and sustainability, we desire to better prepare individuals to care for our Earth through practice of smart beekeeping.

Sustainably Shipped to You

POLLI carefully considers and selects each part of our packaging process to create the least negative impact on the environment. We make an effort to reduce our business’s plastic footprint by using recyclable containers and less plastic and waste as compared with other brands in our market. Within the next five years, we are committed to making our products refillable and reducing single use containers.

As a startup committed to giving back, we strive to minimize our negative effect on the earth’s ecosystems through responsible shipping techniques. We are committed to only using innovative, Earth-conscious packaging solutions. Additionally, we seek to partner with courier services that also aspire to keep mileage and shipping pollution low.

Land Acknowledgment

Importantly, we acknowledge that our bees and many of our ingredients are located on or sourced from lands that have been occupied and stewarded by the people from the Bands of Cascade, Chinook, Clackamas, Cowlitz, Kalapuya, Kathlamet, Molalla, Multnomah, Tualatin, and Wasco.

POLLI respects the history of the federally recognized sovereign Tribal Nations of the Northwest, whose people were forcibly dispossessed and removed from their homes and lands by the United States government following treaties entered into between 1851 and 1855. And we are committed to recognizing the ongoing relationship that exists between indigenous peoples and these places.